Report of the Secretary-General on the activities of UNOWAS (S/2018/1175) - December 2018

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Developments and trends in West Africa and the Sahel

2. Since my last report (S/2018/649), the political situation in West Africa and the Sahel has remained stable despite significant security challenges, in particular in Burkina Faso, the Niger and Nigeria, with an increase in the cross-border activities of terrorist groups and a retreat of State authorities from peripheral zones where populations continue to live precariously. Countries of the subregion have been working together to address the complex political, security and development challenges at the root of the growing insecurity.

3. During the reporting period, a presidential election was held in Mali, regional and parliamentary elections in Mauritania and local elections in Côte d’Ivoire. The next cycle of electoral processes is causing simmering tensions across the region...Download here