UNOWAS E-Magazine

UNOWAS E-Magazine

For a strengthened regional partnership

09 Apr 2024

Access to education, a political priority

05 Jan 2024

Young people, the engine of change

10 Oct 2023

For a prosperous and peaceful West Africa

20 Jul 2023

Elections to consolidate Peace and Governance

18 Apr 2023

Women and Youth are key to Peacebuilding in West Africa and the Sahel

22 Dec 2022

UNOWAS/CNMC : 20 years of commitment for the promotion of peace and conflict prevention

16 Nov 2022

Respect for human rights, fundamental for peace

11 Aug 2022

The Cameroon-Nigeria Mixed Commission, towards a model peaceful settlement of a border dispute

10 Jan 2022

UNOWAS, an active and mobilized partner to support countries of the sub-region

30 Jul 2021

Peacebuilding in West Africa and the Sahel put to the test by COVID-19


04 Mar 2021

Elections in West Africa and the Sahel, between crisis and hope


21 Oct 2020

An active and coordinated response is necessary to fight COVID-19


25 Jun 2020

Special Edition on the United Nations Integrated Strategy for the Sahel

21 Feb 2020

The State,  civil society , regional and international partners, each one has a critical role to play in this long-term undertaking. Looking at the region objectively enables us to grasp the extent of the challenges, their tenacity and their complexity.

27 Sep 2019

Two major countries in West Africa and the Sahel conducted peaceful presidential elections, despite a postponement of the election date in one and some incidents in the other. These countries are Senegal and Nigeria.

18 Jun 2019

The issue #7 of UNOWAS E-Magazine focuses on the question of impunity, access to justice and human rights, subject of a regional conference we organized with our partners as well as on a UNOWAS study on pastoralism and security in West Africa and the Sahel.

20 Dec 2018

This sixth issue of UNOWAS Magazine is a special edition devoted to the regional colloquium on “Challenges and prospects of political reforms in West Africa in 2015-2017,” which was organized by UNOWAS in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, from 26 to 27 March 2018.

13 Jun 2018

Free, credible elections, a major tool for consolidating democracy and development in West Africa and the Sahel

04 Dec 2017

National ownership is a must for the success of the security sector reform in West Africa and the Sahel

01 Aug 2017

From preventive diplomacy to peaceful political transition in the Gambia

30 Mar 2017

“Not to take our eyes off the ball”

13 Dec 2016

"Together, we can build a better future"

10 Aug 2016