United Nations In Partnership With Transitional Authorities Launches The Initiative "Promote Inclusiveness and Social Cohesion in Guinea”

11 Nov 2021

United Nations In Partnership With Transitional Authorities Launches The Initiative "Promote Inclusiveness and Social Cohesion in Guinea”

Conakry, 11 November 2021 - The Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel (UNOWAS), Mahamat Saleh ANNADIF, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation Integration and Guineans Abroad, Morissanda Kouyaté, launched, on 10 November , 2021, at the University of Nzérékoré, in the Forest Region of Guinea, the initiative of "Promotion of Inclusiveness and Social Cohesion in Guinea. "

The initiative is a United Nations contribution to help facilitate a peaceful and inclusive transition in Guinea. It aims to foster reconciliation processes at the national and community levels based on local cultures, and the strengthening of local infrastructures for peace, the promotion of human rights and living together, and to foster greater participation of women and all communities in reinforcing social cohesion and living together.

Local, religious, traditional and customary authorities of Nzérékoré, youth and women, as well as members of the UN Country Team and representatives of the Diplomatic Corps were in attendance at the launch ceremony.

"I call on all Guineans, especially the youth and students, to work to build a culture of peace and to resolutely turn away from voices that call for violence, confrontation, discrimination and hatred. The youth must resolutely work for a prosperous and peaceful future in a united and democratic Guinea," stressed ANNADIF in his opening remarks.

Echoing the statement made by the Special Representative, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Guinea, said he "is pleased that this initiative is being launched within a university. This program will be important in your life. Youth, it is up to you to fight the evil spirit of ethnic division.  Walk hand in hand! Tell yourselves that you have only one opponent and that is division.”

Reinforcing the importance of unity, Vincent Martin, the UN Resident Coordinator in Guinea, emphasized that "Guineans must unite to sow the seeds of peace and fraternity everywhere, in all regions.”

At the conclusion of the event, participants adopted the Nzérékoré Appeal in favor of strengthening and implementing the pacts of solidarity and social cohesion concluded between the communities of the region.

A cultural awareness caravan will be deployed throughout the year 2022, in the cities of Nzérékoré, Macenta, Siguiri, Kankan, Dabola, Mamou, Labé, Koundara, Boffa, Kindia, and Conakry, in order to continue to promote inclusive dialogue, peace, cultural diversity, and social cohesion between communities.

Spaces for exchange and dialogue will be created to discuss concerns related to social cohesion and identify local endogenous solutions that can help ensure a peaceful and inclusive transition in Guinea. The results of the various consultations will be presented to the highest authorities of Guinea in December 2022 in Conakry, the last stop on the tour.

Before leaving Conakry, the Special Representative Mahamat ANNADIF, was received in audience by His Excellency, the President of the Transition, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya. He also met with the Prime Minister of the Transition, Mohamed Beavogui. ANNADIF reiterated the support of the United Nations for a peaceful and inclusive transition, and to accompany Guineans in their efforts towards consolidating peace, democracy, and development.